Looking for Adventure sports in Bangalore?

Adventure sports in Bangalore

Here are out-of-ordinary ways to take a sporty break in Banglore!

Adventure sports in Bangalore is credited with investing in adrenaline-rush extremities unlike other metropolitans in India. If adventure ignites and energizes you, this list of adventure sports in Bangalore is just for you.

  1. Snow City Bangalore– Adventurous are those who love the idea of snowfall in every activity they do! Amazingly, Snow City Bangalore is just the space to give you the pure, unadulterated joy of snow and adventure sports. From snow slides to snow dance floors to snow mountain hiking and climbing, you aren’t required to book a flight to the Alps. Visit India’s one of the far-flung indoor Snow City Bangalore to infuse the thrill of the below-listed snow activities in the scorching heat of India.

Snow Mountain Climbing – Want to have the adventure of climbing a mountain? It is just the perfect place for you, the snow mountain climbing allows you first-hand climbing experience and thrill.

Snow Slides- Want to know how it feels to glide down the snaky trails of snow? The snow slides at Snow city will escalate that ecstasy, letting you have the fun of childhood.

Snow Hiking– Hit the trail, you never know how victorious you might feel after finishing the hike! That feeling of accomplishment combined with other adventures will give you that moment of ‘Eureka’.

There are other snow activities at Snow City as the dance floor, Eyelusion, Mad labs, AR zoo, and 3d archery, Gaming Arcade, and 9D cinema, enough to raise your adventurous spirit. Also just do not overlook the obvious: Pick up a fistful and throw it at your loved ones. Quite often adventures can be this too.

  1. Parasailing in Nandi Hills– Make the most of the moment you live. And if want to make memories of that moment take a paraglide from Nandi Hills. Gliding in a boundless blue sky, amid rocky hillocks and the green blanket of earth, provides you with a most fearless and engaging experience of life. Looking down at the small world will certainly activate your neurons to have more adventures in a similar fashion. Skilled professionals and proven gear will help you live your adventure pursuits boisterously.

Go-Karting– Want to taste adrenaline-packed adventure? GO, Go-karting! The reason it’s an extreme sport is the thrill of going super-fast, racing, screaming, and feeling powerful. It is intense and utopic. There are several places in Bangalore providing Go-Karting sports with other recreational activities like paintball and bowling. It can be done with family and friends. Torq03 is the longest route to experience the rush of kart for a long. Other places such as Patel’s Inn, Grips Go-karting, Red Riders sports, and Play Arena. Follow the rules, and play safe.

River Rafting at Bheemeshwari– Also known as Cauveri fishing camp, BHeemeshawari can be an adventure for kids and families. 100 km from Bangalore, it is a day savior without burning a hole in the pockets of adventure enthusiasts. If you are a family of adrenaline junkies and water thrills your nerves, this is the perfect break for you. There are other activities such as fishing, and staying at a jungle lodge. You can cap your blast-filled day with calming sunset, pan a day trip to Bheemshwari

Quad Biking– if it’s zing you are looking for, Quad Biking is just for you. An off-roading excitement will never disappoint you with popular companies like Dirt mania and others. There are plenty of options in Banglore for exploring dirt roads with Quad bikes.  You can ride on these four-wheeled bikes with your friends and partner to live the sensational experience forever.  You can choose to ride at night also, it mostly requires pre-booking with the agencies. The quad bike trails are near Kanak Pur and Nandi Hills. Just hop on the bikes to unleash your wild side.