Family Outing in Bangalore | Top places you can visit with family


Bangalore has something in store for everyone. Whether you like quite time with family, looking forward to adventurous activity, day outing, food trail, or mall hoping Bangalore has got you covered. One can never run out  of ideas for Family outing in Bangalore, but here are a few of our favorites.

Creating Cherished Moments: Unleash the Magic of the Best Family Outing in Bangalore

Craft unforgettable family memories during the ultimate outing in Bangalore, where an abundance of family-friendly activities awaits. Immerse yourselves in the enchanting nature of Lalbagh Botanical Garden, marvel at the historical wonders of Bangalore Palace, and experience the thrill of interactive exhibits at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. Delight in a shopping spree at the bustling Commercial Street or explore the vibrant stalls of KR Market for a taste of local culture. Enhance your family adventure with a visit to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium for a cosmic journey. Cap off your day with a diverse culinary escapade, sampling the city’s best at renowned eateries. Your best family outing in Bangalore is set to be a perfect blend of fun, exploration, and shared moments

Following are some of the best places for Family outing in Bangalore-

A pot luck lunch in Cubbon Park

family outing in bangalore cubbon park pot luck lunch

Like they say, you are not a true Bangalorean until you have spent hours in Cubbon park. But if you are looking to spend time with family Cubbon park is a great place. You can hire bikes on weekends and ride around the park. If you have a pet dog there is a special area for them too inside the cubbon park. Play frizbee, laze on grass, play cards or badminton and end it with a potluck lunch. There are great chat counters too close to the metro station that you can savor upon. 

This is definitely a top rated places for family outing in Bangalore.

Remember: Don’t Litter the beautiful Park

2. Hike in Ramnagara

family outing in bangalore at Ramnagara

Located around 50 km away from the city, the place got famous after the Bollywood hit Sholay was shot here. Home to seven beautiful hills Yatirajagiri, Shivaramagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, Revannasiddeshwara Betta, Sidilakallu Betta, and Jalasiddeshwara Betta and its untouched greenery make Ramnagara an ideal place for family outing in Bangalore. If you are in for some trekking, mountain climbing, bird watching camping Ramnagara is your go to Place. On your way donot forget to pick some toys from the Channapatna.

Embark on a thrilling family outing in Bangalore by venturing into the captivating hiking trails of Ramnagara, just a short drive from the city. The scenic landscapes of Ramnagara offer an ideal setting for a memorable family adventure, blending the excitement of hiking with the beauty of nature. Traverse the rocky terrain with your loved ones, taking in panoramic views of the lush surroundings and the iconic Ramadevara Betta. This family-friendly hiking experience provides the perfect opportunity to bond, share laughter, and create lasting memories against the backdrop of Ramnagara’s untamed beauty. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a nature-loving family, Ramnagara’s trails promise an exhilarating journey for all, making it a must-visit destination for your next family outing in Bangalore.

Day outing at snow city

Family Outing in Bangalore at Snow city

Chill with your family! Get into the Snow Arena with your family and enjoy several activities it has to offer. Snow city is considered one of the best places for family outing in Bangalore. Sit with your family and enjoy delicacies at the Snow cafe! 

Sit down with your family members and discuss their interests and preferences. This will help you choose an activity that everyone will enjoy. Determine your budget for the family activity. This will help you narrow down the options and choose activities that fit within your financial constraints. Select a suitable date and time for the activity.

Consider everyone’s schedules and choose a day when all family members can participate. If the activity requires prior reservations, make sure to book in advance. This will ensure a smooth experience and avoid any last-minute disappointments. Arrange transportation and ensure everyone knows the meeting point and time. If required, pack essentials such as snacks, water, sunscreen, and comfortable clothing. On the day of the family outing, make sure to have fun and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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WINE TOUR & WINE TASTING at the Big Banyan tree Resort

Family outing in Bangalore vineyard at big banyan tree

Did you know Bangalore has a lot of vineyard and you can also do wine tours here? Well if you are looking forward to sipping some quality liquor and savouring some finger licking food head out to the Big Banyan tree. You could also cycle down there for a good breakfast or you can book a stay at the Big Banyan Tree resort and dine in at the Ranch. The serene location and close proximity to the city makes it one of our favorite picks


Family outing in Bangalore at Wonderla Amusement park

Wonderla is located on Mysore Road, and has a resort in the same campus. If you book a day outing at the resort you get access to the park, Breakfast, lunch and hi-tea as well. The elders can sit around laze and chill while kids and anyone interested can enjoy the 60 exhilarating rides and a calm swimming pool glittering under the sun


If you are planning for a Family Outing in Bangalore, Remember to consider the interests and preferences of everyone in your family when planning the outing. Let us know if you loved our suggestions and which one did you try for a family outing in Bangalore.


Any places you can suggest for Family Outing in and around Bangalore?

You can plan to visit these. 1. Snow City 2. Cubbon Park 3. Big Banyan Tree Resort 4. Ramnagara 5. Wonderla Amusement Park

Any indoor places you suggest for Family Outing in Bangalore?

Your best place to visit, if your family is preferring indoors is Snowcity. Also, if it is raining, this is your best bet.

How do i book the tickets for Snow City park?

You can book your tickets by clicking here

Any place where my family can spend like 4-5 hours ?

Snowcity offers attractions like Snow park, Madlabs and Eyelusion. Being centrally located, this is the recommended place for 4-5 hours team outing.

What are the activities we can do in Cubbon Park?

Just arrange a pot luck lunch at Cubbon park and engage all your family and loved ones in this. Find a nice place at the lawns and sure, it will be so much of fun.

What team activities we can do in Ramnagara?

  1. Rock Climbing and Rappelling

  2. Camping

  3. Family Games

  4. Kayaking and Canoeing

  5. Nature Walks and Bird Watching

  6. Visit to Ramadevara Betta

  7. Group Yoga and Meditation

  8. Visit to Silk Cocoon Market