An Ultimate Guide to 5 Best Team Outings in Bangalore

Boost the morale by organizing a team outing in Bangalore!

We live in a digital era of multitasking and a cut-throat rat race where a satisfied employee is the asset of organizations. To keep up the morale, it is imperative to perk them up. There are different ways to nurture and retain employees’ productivity. One of the highly recommended perks is Team Outing. The proven benefits of team outings include a surge in performance, strengthening team bonds, and cohesion. Team outings can also be organized to celebrate the organization’s anniversaries, success, and establishment day. There are various ways to make team outings memorable. The team outing can be a mix of various activities, such as a day at an amusement park, an adventure activity, a days picnic to nearby places.

Following are some great ideas for team outings in Bangalore-

Team Outing Bangalore

Snow City Bangalore

If your organization is looking for team outings to boost morale and recognize teams’ efforts for success and performance, Snow City is the ideal haven for your team. The organization can book tickets for the team beforehand and let your employees meet the most delightful surprises. In addition, a day off at Snow City will enhance team effectiveness and collaboration. So, ask your team to prep up for a snow adventure and a whale of a time with various team activities such as snow climbing, snow slides, group experimenting at Mad Labs and thrilling games at Gaming Arcade. The euphoric feeling after indulging in all the snow activities is sure to soar the team spirit and profitability of the organization. The Snow City can tailor-fit fun activities according to the size and inclination of the team. Don’t forget to include a visit to Snow Man café for appetizing delicacies after happy exhaustion. Also, ask the team to groove to the dance numbers at Snow City Disco. Remember, the team that has fun together stays together!

Mad Labs 

At the core, Mad Labs may seem to be a place for kids for science experiments in a fun way. But fun and thrills know no age. So, let the team indulge in crazy experiments and allow them to be kids again. In addition, Mad Labs has a bifold benefit for the team, one, the team will have hilarious stories of science gone crazy in the workplace and two, it will allow them to build a playful bond. So, book Mad labs for your team and see your organization soaring high.

Team Outing Bangalore

Gaming Arcade

Eagleton resort spreads over acres and the well-trimmed grass offers a perfect spot for hosting team building activities. The resort has excellent infrastructure, spa, swimming pool and a full-fledged golf course. It also hosts adventure activities like paintball, rapelling, trekking and much more. 

Team Outing Bangalore

Golden Palm Resort

Sitting amid beautiful vicinity, the resort is perfect for a team outing. An expansive resort is definitely for corporate team outings and group picnics. Leisure activities such as walking, jogging and cycling can be blissful downtime for recharging the team. The outdoor activities include tennis, badminton, cricket and water volleyball. At the same time, indoor activities include squash, table tennis, billiards, snooker, chess, and carom.

Team Outing Bangalore

Nandi Hills

Perfect for a team outing, the Nandi hills can supercharge the team with their lush greenery and beautiful hillocks. The location offers many facilities, entertainment, and adventures, such as biking, leisure cycling, or playful climbing. The team can design games, carry sports equipment and chill up on the hills. The experience is sure to surge performance and productivity!

Team Outing Bangalore