Thrilling Adventure sports in Bangalore you need to check in 2023

If you wish to experience adventure sports in Bangalore, these trips are worth it!

Why do you enjoy Adventure sports? Is it because of the thrill, the fun, the adrenaline rush or the happy hangover? Or are all of these things put together? If you are an adventure junkie, check out the following places for adventure sports in Bangalore.

Snow City Bangalore

A perfect place for your adventure-addled brain. It is spread across 12500 sq ft and houses more than nine snow-themed areas such as snow slides, Devil’s Dark House, Mad Labs, Eyelusions and much more. An expansive indoor Snow park has everything for kids, adults and seniors in store. You don’t need prepping up for this adventure sport in Bangalore; bring a pair of warm socks. Snow city has stacked up all your snow checklists. They provide snow jackets, snow boots, and gloves. They also provide specially designed shoes for kids for rupees 650 on weekends and 550 on weekdays. Every snow thrill session spans 45 minutes, leaving you wanting more snow-filled excitement. The snow park havs various selfie booths, hiking, slides with toboggan, snow disco and much more. You can also pamper your taste buds with sizzling hot refreshments at Snow Man Café at Snow City.

AR Zoo and 3D Archery

If adventure is on your agenda, do not ignore the Augmented reality of the Zoo and 3D Archery at Snow City. Especially if you are visiting with kids, it will be an enhancing educational experience to see a variety of wild animals and other intriguing creatures up close. Of course, nothing will ever replace meeting your child’s favourite animal may be a rhino or dino, in person. The 3D Archery is equally eye-popping because, you will mimic real-life shooting on three-dimensional targets. The elated sensation of shooting bunnies in real jungles will be super fun.

Gaming Arcade

If you are a gaming enthusiast or intend to spend a boisterous evening with friends, family or kids, the Gaming Arcade at Snow city is the perfect indoor adventure sport in Banglore. A perfect place to compete with your friends and family. With a virtual variety of games—from bike races, Basketball, and PlayStation games to air hockey— they make sure there’s something for everyone. What’s more? The racing simulator that vibrates with how you drive in the game and other arcade games.


An electrifying experience you will never want to forget. Car racing can never be as much fun as Go-Karting. You can tag along with family and friends. At a mind-numbing speed, you can challenge your friends to race. Suitable for all ages, but precaution is called for when accompanying smaller kids. Check Go-karting at Grips Go Karting and Bowling, Race-Race Gokarting, E-Zone Club, and Patel Karting in Bangalore.

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