Adventure sports Bangalore

Adventure sports in Bangalore that you must indulge in

If the term adventure excites you then you must try adventure sports in Bangalore. Vacations are around the corner and we all have had enough of lazing around at home it is time we go out to some off-beat unexplored and experience some offbeat and must-do adventure sports in Bangalore


Bangalore offers a lot of sites to trek. If you are someone who loves nature you will never fall in short of hiking destinations in Bangalore. The level of trek is also not very difficult and you can manage to do most of them alone or with a group of friends. But, before heading off on the trek do not forget to check the weather forecast.

Tip: Wear proper hiking clothes, carry water and energy bars, do not litter, carry raincoats

Adventure sports Bangalore


Mulki is one of the hot kayaking destinations around Bangalore, this destination will surely need a little bit of planning ahead of time as it is eight hours drive from Bangalore but it sure is one of the best adventure sports in Bangalore. River rafting is open throughout the year.

Tip: Travel Light, bring mosquito repellent, bring binoculars and stay in touch with other kayaks

Adventure sports Bangalore

Micro flight flying

If it is a special occasion you should definitely try this activity. Micro flight flying will surely give you a thrilling experience and the view from above is to die for. You can visit Jakkur airfield and take quick instructions for the trainer. Sit with a professional pilot and fly the aircraft with him overlooking the beautiful city of Bangalore

Tip: Keep calm and listen to the instructions well

Adventure sports Bangalore

Snow City

If you are bored with the monotonous weather of Bangalore head to Snow city and experience snow in Bangalore. Situated right in the heart of the city the place offers a lot of adventure and fun for an hour with friends and family. Kids love this place as they get to experience snow and dance away to glory while music plays

Tip: wear woolen socks inside the snow park

Go Karting

If speed gives you a thrill head straight out to go Karting in Bangalore. Awaken the adventure junkie in you and enjoy this fun racing session with your friends and family. Places like Torq, Play arena, host Go Karting in Bangalore

Tip: Drive safe to avoid getting hurt

Adventure sports Bangalore


If you are looking for having real fun and experience one of the best adventure activities in Bangalore head out to play paintball. Located in Kanakpura road you get to experience the fun of the splash and make your team win the game

Tip: Know the rules and avoid getting hurt

Adventure sports Bangalore