About Snowcity Bangalore


Snow City is dedicated to servicing all customer demographics and our family orientated atmosphere makes us the perfect choice for a family outing destination.

One of the major benefits to visiting Snow City is that all of the snow we produce is 100% edible in addition to being eco-friendly. That means that you can enjoy all the normal pleasures that real snow would bring, without having to worry about it’s impact on climate.

Snow City was created to bring the ice-cold climate right into the center of Bangalore, since 2012 we’ve been expanding our number of attractions so that everyone can have a great time while visiting our facility. Snow City is ranked as one of the largest indoor entertainment epicenters in addition to being the biggest snow park in South India. The entire park at Snow City is filled covered with snow that is created by mixing air and water, this creates not only an exact replica of the real thing but it also means that our snow is edible. Spanning over 12,500 sq./ft.

Snow City hosts various activities for you to engage in such as: zorbing, basketball, dancing, mountain climbing, snowballing, and much more. The core foundation of why Snow City was built revolves around giving Bangalore residents access to a stunning winter landscape regardless of what the regular weather is like. Snow City is one of the staples of the entire Karnataka Tourism industry which is why so many people enjoy visiting throughout the year.

Snow City was also designed with multiple demographics in mind, so adults and children alike can enjoy the mesmerizing atmosphere of a beautiful snow-filled paradise whenever they feel like doing so.

Snow City has an innovative 5D theatre for you to enjoy while also boasting cool features like a built-in snow castle. Regardless of what your intentions are when visiting Snow City, by the time you get there you will surely not want to leave.