Adventure activities in Bangalore

You don’t want to miss it! Check out the most visited adventure parks. 

Are you looking for an adventure activity in Bangalore? Getting a perfect weekend getaway for adults, kids, and everyone in between can be difficult, but we have covered it all for you. So, add the list to your upcoming tour itinerary. From hot summer days to drizzling monsoons, there is no bad day to do adventure activities in Bangalore. With swooshing snow rides, mouth-watering treats, crazy science experiments, and Disney theme parks offer delight and thrill for friends, family and other events such as birthdays and celebrations.

So, right here, you will find some of the top-listed adventure activities in Bangalore

Adventure Activities in Bangalore

1.Snow City Bangalore

Allow your inner child to run wild at Snow City Bangalore. Located in the heart of the city, it is a short bus or car ride away. The amusement park provides gloves, boots, snow jackets and custom-made boots for kids. Sessions start from 10 AM and they run until 8 PM. Inside the snow area one can enjoy rock climbing, snow slides, snow booths, snow disco, a café where one can savour on maggi and coffee, smaller rides for kids and much more. Moreover, visitors can click instagrammable pictures for keepsake and fondly remember forever. On weekday the charges are INR 550 and INR 650 for weekends.


Are you a fan of optical illusion and augmented reality experiences? Then you are at the right place. Eyelusion and Snow City have joined hands to create a puzzling illusion to blow your mind. Experience fantastic background and experience the fun of being at multiple places and live video interactions, just perfect for Instagram.  

Adventure Activities in Bangalore

3.Mad Labs

Were you bored of science class as a kid? Did you sleep during the science lectures? Now it is time to reinvent love for science. Visit Mad labs at Snow City to see the magic of science behind the experiments. Also, if you are looking for a thrilling approach to developing a love for science in your kid, go nowhere! With different models and chemistry facts, we make science easy and fun.

Adventure Activities in Bangalore

4.Fun World Bangalore

Nestled in JC Nagar, Bangalore, it is a gate to a world of excitement, joy and water. From candies to corns and bumper cars to roller coaster rides, immerse your kids in the world of entertainment and dreams. Along with themed areas and rides, Fun World is famous for its water adventures. Fun World also houses a water park with fantastic water slides for birthdays and other celebrations. All of this and more adventure await you at Fun World Bangalore.

5.Wonderla Park

As Bangalore’s popular amusement park, Wonderla is a must-visit for kids, families, birthdays and other celebrations. The fun-oriented park has delighted the visitors with water rides, adventures of Chikku, Techno jump and flash tower other food treats. So wherever the holidays take you and your kids, enjoy the reverse looping coaster if you are looking for spine-chilling sensations.

Adventure activities in Bangalore

Why Visit Bangalore Snow City – Adventure activities in Bangalore :

Visit the magical wonderland to experience Bangalore’s first-ever indoor snow centre. Plan your visit well in advance to make the most of your experience and avoid disappointments. Visit Snow City for Adventure activities in Bangalore, to get the ultimate snow experience and enjoy the joy of snow, irrespective of the time of the year. Have a snowball fight, make a snowman, go snowboarding, skiing or simply enjoy wandering about the snow chamber at Bangalore Snow City.

Don’t miss out on the incredible snow on display that is created in-house with the help of a specially designed snow gun. Bangalore Snow City has about 150 tons of snow and approximately 10 to 15 tons of snow that is freshly produced to maintain its unique atmosphere. The three-storey-high attraction also takes pride in having 60 meters long snow slopes from where visitors can slide down from.