Unleashing the Fun: A Guide to Activities for Kids in Bangalore

Welcome to the vibrant city of Bangalore, where the blend of technology and culture creates a unique atmosphere for families. If you’re a parent looking for exciting and educational activities to keep your kids engaged, you’re in the right place. From lush green parks to interactive museums, Bangalore offers a diverse range of options to ensure your children have a memorable and enriching time. Let’s dive into the top kid-friendly activities that the city has to offer.


Situated at the banks of Nagawara lake Lumbini garden has all the things for a perfect family outing or a fun filled evening. The park has boating activity like pedal boat or pleasure boats. The park also has multiple rides for the kids like trampoline, bungy, wave pool and much more. The place is well lirt and families can sit down and enjoy a lot of savories as well as food items sold by the vendors.


activities for kids in bangalore

If your kid is looking for some weekend thrill, plan a trip to fun world. The amusement park hosts a lot of activities for the adventure seekers like roller coaster, tsunami, bumper car and much more. The rides meet international standards. Even tiny tots have a lot of activities here. If you have a weekend when you are confused where to take your kids out. Go to fun world and you can thank us later


Activities for Kids in Bangalore | Weekend Kids Outing Bangalore

Snow City Bangalore is arguably the best place if you are looking for Activities for kids in Bangalore. Rated as the best indoor snow theme park of India, Snow City hosts a lot of Activities for kids in Bangalore like Snow Slides, Real Snow fall, Snow Dance Floor, Snow Mountain Climbing, Snow Hiking and a Snow Cafe.

At Snow City campus, you also have other attractions like Eyelusion, Madlabs etc. Located in the heart of the city, Snow city would be ideal spot to take your kids out for some activities for a minimum of 4 hours of fun and a great experience. 

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Activities for Kids in Bangalore

Situated 40 kms from Bangalore Innovative film city has a wide range of amusement activities for kids. Kids have the option to explore form dinosaur park, beaches, miniature city, cartoon city, wax museum and much more. The place also hosts go karting and other adventure sports. The theme restaurants and activities in Innovative film city are enough to keep the kids busy as well as entertained.


Activities for kids in Bangalore

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is a perfect place to take your kid if he/she is a machine fanatic. The museum also has a replica of the wright brothers’ 1903 flight. The dinosaurs, sound waves, touch & play piano and the ‘missing body’ fruit pile are all interesting ways to learn how science works. There are a lot of interactive shows and 3D movies in the Museum.


Name some of the best places for activities for kids in Bangalore

How many hours can my kid spend at the Snow City Bangalore?

Snow city is an idea place for activities for kids in Bangalore. Other than the snow park, there are also bunch of other activities for kids like Eyelusion, Madlabs etc. So you need good 4 hours

Any activities zone that is centrally located in bangalore?

Snow City Bangalore is located in the central part of Bangalore, Snow City is easily accessible to both residents and tourists. Its strategic location makes it convenient for people from all corners of the city to visit.

What are the activities kids can do inside the Snow city theme park?
Snow city hosts a lot of Activities for kids in Bangalore like Snow Slides, Real Snow fall, Snow Dance Floor, Snow mountain climbing, Snow hiking and a Snow Cafe.