Looking for a perfect adventure escape – Here are 3 things to do in Bangalore

Check out these fun-filled things to do in Bangalore for kids, teenagers and adults alike.

With so many adventure things to do in Bangalore, there are incredible opportunities for an outdoor enthusiast. Moreover, visiting with kids , adults or friends at the best adventure places in Bangalore can be most rewarding. Investing in adventure activities boosts happy hormones and fosters the idea of grasping challenges, especially for kids and teenagers.

We have rounded up four things to do in Bangalore to give you the spark of adventure

things to do in Bangalore

Bannarghatta National park

Isn’t it interesting to watch the wildlife in their natural habitat with humans caged in buses? If you are an animal lover and greenery soothe your nerves on a chaotic day, Benanarghtta National Park is the perfect outing. Moreover, the Safari bus tour and first ever Butterfly park are sure to enchant you. With other attractions such as Snake park, Crocodile Farm, Prehistoric Park, aquarium and other beautiful confined places for animals, plan out your next visit with your friends, teams or children. Bennarghetta National park will never disappoint you.

things to do in bangalore

Snow City Bangalore

Heard of Snow City, Bangalore yet? Well, buckle up then because you will soon book a weekend with family and friends there. Play with real snow or eat steaming hot delicacies at Snow Café; it is sure to send a shiver of excitement down your spine. Climb a mountain wall, go toboggan down a snow slide or disco; they also have age-appropriate rides for kids. However, carrying socks is compulsory; the rest of the adventure repertoire, such as snow boots, jackets, and hand gloves, is provided by Snow City. In addition, they have specially curated snow boots for kids. If you are looking for themed birthday celebrations, snow city has got you covered. Every snow adventure is for 45 minutes, backed with a heater outside to warm you up. Post the fun filled experience you can boast your snow-laden pictures on Instagram. The snow fun will cost INR 550 and INR 650 on weekends.

things to do in Bangalore

Nandi Hills

From the moment you start your trip to Nandi Hills, your senses come to life. You can have a bike ride or hire a car to reach Nandi Hills, situated 60 km from Bangalore, and it is a heaven lost on earth. Besides being populated with magnificent hillocks, mesmerizing shrines, and panoramic views, Nandi Hills has historical significance also. You can paraglide, bike-ride or trek here. Park your vehicles at the foothills, and take a bike at the start early to see the sunrise. Other attractions include Tipu’s summer residence, Tipu’s Drop, Bhoga and Yoga Nanadeeshwara temples.

things to do in bangalore

AR Zoo

It doesn’t matter if you are a jungle enthusiast; the AR Zoo at Snow City will delight your brain and blur the real between real and virtual Safari. India’s top-notch Augmented reality zoo offers wild excitement to kids and adults of seeing dinosaurs, elephants and birds and much more in their natural habitat, just like in the real world. So have fun with the thrills of an authentic African Safari, and your kids will squeal in excitement on walking amid wild animals and reptiles with the rhythm and sound of a real jungle. So don your glasses and enter the mesmerizing world of wild animals, rain forests and a variety of flora and fauna, making your lifetime dream come true.

things to do in Bangalore