Snow City + Madlabs Topup

From: 800.00

Buy Snowcity ticket and add Rs. 50 to access MadLabs.

Weekdays @ INR 800/- Weekends, National Holidays, Festivals @ INR 900/-

Snow City offers a wide range of different activities and areas for you to enjoy for virtually any occasion you may be celebrating. We have a lot of activities crafted for our customers. Snow City hosts various activities for you to engage in such as zorbing, basketball, dancing, snow rafting, snow mountain climbing, snowballing, fantasy snow castle making, and much more.

Food Voucher:
~ On purchase of Rs 200, you get worth of 240 Rs additional (i.e 200+40)
~ On purchase of Rs 500, you get worth of 600 Rs additional (i.e 500+100)
Please note;
Locker Fee: Rs 50.00 extra
Camera / Mobile Charges: Rs 50.00 extra