Attractions other than SnowCity

We have a wide range of other attractions to keep the whole family entertained. Check them out!

9d Cinema


10:30 am 11:30 am 12:30 pm
01:30 pm 02:30 pm 03:30 pm
04:30 pm 05:30 pm 06:30 pm

  1. Each show is about ‘10-15’ minutes.
  2. 9d Cinema tickets - Rs 100/- on all days.


Other Games Offered

Laser Tag Laser Maze Congo Bongo
Interactive Shooting Mach Storm Pac-Man Smash
Big Buck HD Aliens Armageddon Around the Road
Super Alipine Racer Aliens Armageddon 2 Ice Bumping Car
Dead Heat Rider Frost Island Ducky Splash
Pirate`s Hook After Dark

  1. Play games individually or pay Rs250 for 10 game combo.